As a skilled negotiator, I help clients who are going through the process of divorce mediation. Mediation is a method for resolving divorce cases with a third neutral party known as a mediator, and is an alternative to the traditional court process. The mediator, who may or may not be an attorney, facilitates the negotiations. The primary goal of the process is to arrive at a settlement with little or no court involvement. I work with clients inside and outside of the mediation sessions, helping them to optimize a settlement on terms most favorable to them.
Starting in 2014, Cook County judges in the Domestic Relations Division can mandate that people go to mediation for financial disputes such as determining child support, maintenance (formerly known as alimony), property division and more. Previously, judges only had the authority to send people to mediation for child-related issues such as allocation of parental responsibilities (child support), and parenting schedules. In Illinois, anyone can act as a mediator.
I am approved to serve as a mediator in divorce cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois, Domestic Relations Division. In Cook County, divorce and other family law cases are handled by the judges of the Domestic Relations Division.