Mr. Craven was wonderful to work with. During one of the hardest times in my life, going through a divorce, he was extremely patient, honest, understanding and knowledgeable. Divorce is worrying and the fear or anxiety can be over-whelming at times especially when children are involved however, Mr. Cravens’ years of experience and knowledge calmed my worries, he addressed my concerns to a more reasonable scenario, and explained in detail all of my options. Mr. Cravens’ approach was level- headed and reasonable as opposed to ruthless which I appreciated as I feel that it gave my case more weight when it came to compromising. After all is said and done, the judge ordered my ex-husband to pay the child support amount I was hoping for in addition to approving the parenting time schedule we proposed! It’s been a pleasure working with Mr. Craven and I am very grateful for his exceptional knowledge in Divorce and Child Custody.   -   Posted by : Female Client
Extensive knowledge of family law with great emotional intelligence. Rare combination! Very prompt, diligent and patient. Would only recommend Mr. Craven to family or friends. I know he would do a great job and take good care of them.   -   Posted by : Female Client
Michael Craven has represented me in the past. He was very knowledgeable, honest and compassionate. I recently had to contact him for an unrelated situation. He called me back quickly listened, offered advice and even responded to a letter and several emails I received, which needed attention immediately … I felt relief in this time of need that what I was going through he felt my pain…     -   Posted by : Female Client
Mr. Craven is well knowledgeable and professional attorney, who truly made me feel that I was a priority in his caseload. His clear understanding of both family law and division of commercial assets was of tremendous benefit in my case. Mr. Craven presents his information in a concise and realistic manner, which made the decision making process easier. I would highly recommend Mr. Michael Craven.   -   Posted by : Male Client
Attorney Michael Craven successfully saved me tens of thousands of dollars for a large back child support award. Proving to the court that it did not have the authority to enter that order against me. Prompt and professional!!! Mike Craven is an attorney you can trust. -   Posted by : - K.K., Male client
I was introduced by another lawyer to Michael and he is exactly the person I was looking for: expertise and experience in this field, frank and straightforward with what should be expected, and a genuine interest to look things from my perspective. I highly recommend Michael. -   Posted by : - Male Client
Going through divorce is one of the hardest changes in life so having a great lawyer on your side is a must. I hired Michael Craven and he surpassed my expectations. He was extremely knowledgable, timely and covered every detail of my divorce in a well thought manner. Michael took his time to explain all the aspects of the legal process and was consulting me regarding the correspondence from the opposing council even after the divorce. I appreciate Michael’s diligence, dedication and being so much help during this hard process. -   Posted by : - S.G., Female Client
Michael and [his team] took the time to understand my needs. They did not over-promise up front and came through for me. They take a personal interest in their clients and are realistic in their expectations. I highly recommend their services. They are very responsive and easy to get in touch with. I wish I would have used them 10 years prior when I first filed for divorce. -   Posted by : - H.G., Female Client
Hiring an attorney is a big deal, and trusting your attorney is even more important. Especially when you are dealing with highly contested issues such as Child Custody and out-of-state Removal. It was a leap of faith when I hired Michael, and I did so based on the reviews from this website. I took a chance – and I don’t regret it one bit. I was going through a fairly simple divorce proceeding, with a very complex child custody case. I also wished to move out of state – actually, half way across the country, with my child, to be close to family and a strong support system. From the moment I had my initial consultation with Michael, I knew he was the right attorney for my case. He knows the law, and will move your case appropriately through the court, with the proper paperwork, and will not leave any stone unturned. He does this with confidence and diligence, never arrogance, and he does it properly, the first time! The end result of my case: I was able to move out of state with my child. I was awarded sole custody. I am divorced. These are the three things that were most important to me, and I got them all! -   Posted by : -C.N., Female Client
Michael thought of things that I did not think of during the divorce process. He always gave me options to every issue and would recommend one, but left it up to me which to choose. He informed me which topics were worth fighting for and which were not. Anytime a legal document (settlement proposal, court order) was written, he would go through the document and explain everything. I was always informed of all correspondences with the opposing attorney and anything related to my case. His staff was easy to talk too and very responsive to anything I needed. Michael is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney. He always looked out for my best interests and helped me get a very favorable outcome. I highly recommend Michael Craven and would use him again for any matters of family law. Thank you, Michael Craven. You’re the best. -   Posted by : -A.S., Male Client
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